Where to Buy Herbal Tea

where to buy herbal tea

An herbal tea can provide the perfect way to unwind both mind and body. While black, green, and white teas come from leaves of Camellia sinensis plant leaves and buds, herbal infusions or tisanes contain different herbs roots flowers fruits spices – some even caffeine free such as yerba mate or cocoa husk! – so whether you need an energy boost or need something relaxing we have loose leaf tea blends designed to meet all your needs.

We carry premium herbals in both loose leaf form that can be brewed in either a teapot or cup, as well as herbal tea bags. Loose leaf herbal tea has many advantages over bagged varieties because its ingredients can fully steep, unleashing their full flavors and health benefits; in comparison, bagged tea requires cutting leaves into tiny pieces in order to fit inside its small bags, thus diminishing quality significantly.

Our tea artisans carefully source high-quality botanicals from around the globe for use in their herbal infusions and tisanes, such as rare flower petals and berries, from rare flower petals to functional herbs like turmeric ginger to soothe inflammation or chamomile that helps you relax before bedtime.

Where Can I Purchase Herbal Tea

Our online herbal shop features the best loose leaf herbal tea available, as rated by over 1,000,000 of our members. Browse by category, tea region, or search specific ingredients – some of our top choices include caffeine-free herbal infusions like hibiscus with tart cranberry notes; floral rooibos tea featuring red berry flavors; or Malawi Antlers rooibos that has an incredible silky smooth taste!

Most herbal infusions are simple to prepare. Simply bring boiling water to a boil, allow to steep for five minutes, and enjoy as-is or sweeten with milk, sugar or honey for added sweetness. We advise brewing tea at its recommended temperature to maximize taste, health benefits and aroma!

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