What Does Represented Internet Payment Mean?

If you see “Represented Internet Payment Discover” charges on your credit card statement, they could be associated with online purchases or payments made recently. To determine this further, cross-reference the charge with any purchases or payments that have taken place online. Alternatively, contact Discover customer service and ask why this charge appears on your account.

Represented Internet Payment In PowerPoint And Google Slides Cpb An Internet payment (also referred to as cyberpayment) involves the electronic transmission of money between buyers and sellers via a payment service provider. Internet payments provide buyers with convenience and security by eliminating the need to give physical cash when buying goods or services from sellers; however, their popularity remains relatively limited to date. Numerous pilot programs and production systems have appeared online, yet none has reached a level of stability and performance that would enable them to become widely accepted forms of commerce. While other mechanisms exist that might achieve these goals – including credit cards – none has come close.

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