Virginia Lottery Scratch Game Has 20 Million Dollar Jackpot

what vieginia lottery scratch game has 20 million dollar jackpot

Jose Flores Velasquez of Virginia was shocked to find out the lottery ticket he bought to pick up soft drinks after work was worth much more than expected. At first he thought he had won $600 from his 20X the Money scratch-off ticket; but lottery staffers informed him he actually won the top prize of $1 Million; which the state Lottery announced last week.

This ticket holder, who remains unknown publicly, decided to receive their $1 Million winnings as one-time payment of $759,878 before taxes. Additionally, the store where their ticket was sold will receive a bonus payment of $10,000 from the Lottery.

Hirpo of Alexandria does not yet know what his plans for his winnings will be; according to reports by the Virginia Lottery he plans on using some of it to support his family. Nearly all lottery profits go toward K-12 education in Virginia – last year this figure represented approximately 10 percent of Virginia’s K-12 budget.

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