What Country Has the Best Health Care?

If you want to live as long and stay in optimal health, following certain dietary and lifestyle guidelines is key to living long and staying well. Furthermore, accessing top medical care is also a priority; several countries boast some of the world’s finest healthcare systems which invest heavily in infrastructure, research and professional training; thus offering their citizens high-quality health services at an affordable price point. Continue reading below to discover which country provides superior healthcare!

Singapore takes first place for providing the world with an outstanding healthcare system, due to its focus on preventive healthcare. Their government-funded system features regular checkups, immunisations and health screening that helps catch diseases before they worsen – which reduces overall healthcare costs. Singapore also places great importance on health education that educates individuals to avoid harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking.

Japan ranks second for having one of the most efficient healthcare systems. Japan boasts four times more MRI scanners and six times more CT scanners than Europe, enabling doctors to diagnose patients more quickly and accurately. Furthermore, their healthcare system provides universal coverage as well as making telemedicine access easy for patients.

Norway stands out with an exceptional healthcare system score of 82.2. Its universal healthcare system is accessible to all residents, funded through taxes and premiums, while an emphasis is also placed on prevention with vaccination programs and screening services to detect disease early.

South Korea comes in third when it comes to having an excellent healthcare system. Their government-funded health system, National Health Insurance, offers coverage for everyone within its borders – even expats! In addition, South Korea invests heavily in healthcare technology – especially telemedicine solutions which allow doctors to monitor patients remotely, saving both time and money.

Australia stands in fifth place, boasting an excellent healthcare system that offers comprehensive coverage at reasonable costs, boasting highly trained doctors who work for an efficient government that is passionate about health promotion. Australia also boasts the highest life expectancy among developed countries and dedicates 17% of GDP toward healthcare spending.

The United States stands in sixth place for having the world’s worst healthcare system, spending more on healthcare than any other country but faring poorly in various measures – with lower life expectancies for people over 60 and the highest infant mortality rates among developed nations, as well as being judged lowest for physician quality and healthcare costs.

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