Florida Lottery Introduces Holiday-Themed Scratch-Off Games

when does florida lottery holiday cash game end

Florida Lottery recently unveiled four holiday-themed scratch-off games offering over $247.6 million in total cash prizes and bonus plays. Prices for these new games range from $1 to $10 with over two dozen ways to win, making these new offerings expected at all Lottery retailers shortly.

The $4,000,000 Triple Match and $10,000 Triple Match each offer more than $2 Million in cash with three ways to win. In addition, both the $5,000,000 Millionaire Maker and $3 Million Holiday Cash contests each provide two distinct strategies for success. Finally, $2 National Lampoon Xmas features four top prizes of $50,000 which players may win!

Each qualifying Florida LOTTO Draw Game ticket and non-winning Lottery scratch-off ticket in this promotion will earn a predetermined number of entries into a prize drawing, increasing your chances of winning one of several prizes, starting with the Top Prize. In case a winner cannot be reached or fails to provide claim documentation as stated under subsection (8), their prize may be distributed among eligible entries at random instead.

If the Florida Lottery is unable to reach either a winner and/or alternate by telephone or email, we will attempt to notify them by leaving a voicemail message on their voicemail account (if available), or issuing an email using their winning entry registration data as the official contact details. Please be aware that they Florida Lottery cannot be held liable for telephone failures and faults; voicemail messages that were either never delivered or never read; system, network and software failures and faults; as well as any technical, computer or online issues which may arise as part of this process.

If a winner can be reached and provides claim documentation within the specified time frame, the Lottery will award their prize. Their entry/entry number will be displayed online or posted to Facebook after every prize drawing. If an unclaimed prize remains unclaimed after one or more eligible lottery drawings have taken place, its prize amount will be applied towards another eligible drawing and reset as follows for future entries/entries/entry numbers:

Players cannot maintain multiple active accounts with the Florida Lottery App or online services. Once an account is deleted, any tickets related to that account will no longer be reinstated and will never be available again.

Can lottery winners remain anonymous?

Yes, in most cases. Lottery winners who claim prizes of $250,000 or higher will enjoy temporary exemption from public disclosure for 90 days; all other names of winners will be made public upon prize claim by the Lottery.

Lottery winners who win large jackpots are subject to federal withholding tax and an analysis for State-Owed Debt and Child Support debt; any amounts found are deducted from their final prize payout amount.

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