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Product Details
Mega Mass 10000 is an exclusive product that contains a combination of Glutamine, Whey Proteins and Natural Carbohydrates. Mega Mass 10000 is the best body building supplement in Nepal with fastest result which helps to build powerful and strong muscles without having to go through hard workouts and taking heavy diets. Allow yourself extra calories. This product provides body strength that is required by athletes, body builders, sportsperson and other people who require extra body strength. Add extra protein and calories to your diet and gain weight fast.


Mega Mass 10000 is a meal supplement. Add 4 scoops powder (150 g) to 2 cups (550ml) 2% milk, water or juice and blend well before drinking.

Used For

Weight Gain, Body Building, Strength and Muscle Building Used As
Protein Powder and Protein Supplement, Daily Energy Drink

Builds Body Immunity, Full of Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals
Digests fast and easy
Low in lactose
Best protein to use after workout
Quantity: 1 Kg
Flavour: Chocolate
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Mega Mass 10000 (1 KG) Mega Mass 10000 (1 KG) Buy Mega Mass 10000 (1 KG) in Nepal. 4.5 stars, based on 0 reviews NPR1450 In Stock

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