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How To Order Online From Online Shopping Site in Nepal

Step 1  

Open in your web browser. 

Step 2

Click on the product that you like and you will see Order Now and See Details icons. 

Click on See Details if you want to know more about your product or you can directly place your order by clicking on Order Now. 

Step 3

Once you click on Order Now, you will be directed to following Log In page. 

Step 4 

For New User

If you are a New User, you need to click on New Registration and fill in the following form and then hit submit button. 

For Existing Customer

If you have already created your account in our website and you are an Existing Customer, you can either log in with your e- mail address or through facebook account or through google account.

Log In by Email
- Simply provide your email id and password that you had provided while creating account in our website. 

OR Log In by Facebook


Click on facebook button and then you can log in with your facebook account

OR Log In by google account 

Click on g+ button and then you can log in with your google account. 

Step 5 

When  you log in your account, you will see following page

Click on Continue Shopping and you will be directed to our website

Step 6 

Click on the product that you like and you will see Order Now and See Details icon. Once you click on Order Now button, that product will be added in your cart as shown below
Click on Save Changes only if you have make changes in quanity (Qty Box) otherwise it is not necessary. By default, the quantity is 1.
Click on Place Order button if you do not want to add any other products and make only one order.
Click on Continue Shopping if you want to do more shopping.

Step 7 

Once you click on Place Order, you will be directed to following page


You will find that most of the details are already filled in. Fill in the missing fields and click on Submit button. 

Step 8 

You will reach Check Out (Step 2) page where you have to choose payment method. 

Step 9 

Once you choose the payment method, you will have completed all steps necessary for ordering online. 
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