What Lottery Game is on Tonight?

what lottery game is on tonight

Lotteries can provide a thrilling thrill, offering hope of riches without breaking the bank. But, critics warn, lottery play can also become expensive and drain those on lower incomes more disproportionately than expected; many refer to this phenomenon as a disguised tax on those least capable of affording it.

Though it’s difficult to predict whether you will become the next jackpot winner, increasing your odds by selecting lottery games with greater winning chances can increase your odds significantly. Jared James, CPA and Mergers & Acquisition specialist from PriceWaterhouseCoopers has created this guide in order to assist New York lottery players find suitable lottery games.

New York Lottery scratch-off games provide unique playing experiences with unique odds and prize amounts, from Cash4Life and Take 5 (with odds of 1 in 8); Mega Millions has overall odds of 1 in 24 for winning any prize at all!

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