What Is Lucky For Life Lottery Game?

what is lucky for life lottery game

Lucky for Life lottery game gives you a chance to win $1,000 every day of your life! Simply select five white balls between 1 and 48 and one Lucky Ball number between 1-18 to form your 5-Draw Slip or ask the Lottery terminal or self-service kiosk randomly select them for you; up to five sets can be played per play slip while selecting Multidraw allows multiple drawings at the same time.

Each Lucky for Life play costs $2 and drawings take place daily at 10:38 PM, online, on our mobile app and participating lottery retailers. Once a winning ticket has been submitted to its state lottery agency for processing, prizes will be deposited directly into your Jackpocket account and may be subject to federal taxes varying by state.

Depending on the prize amount, annuity payments for at least 20 years may be distributed as annual annuities; should you die prior to that minimum timeframe ending, payments would pass directly onto your estate – similar to how other lottery prizes are dispersed.

Match five white numbers plus the Lucky Ball number to claim the grand prize of Lucky for Life, while matching all five white numbers without including it will unlock lower-level prizes such as $25,000 per year over 10 levels of play – there are 10 levels total!

What Are My Chances of Winning in Lucky for Life? Your odds of winning the top prize in Lucky for Life lottery are 1 in 30821,472. This represents all winning numbers combined including bonus numbers; to view these odds and calculate them yourself you can visit their official lottery website and use its prize breakdown feature and calculate chances. Each winner must claim their prize within 365 days or share in it among all future winners.

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