How to Predict Which Poker Machines Payout the Most

which poker machines payout the most

At online gambling websites, there are various variations of poker to be found; most follow similar rules. One of the easiest variants is Jacks or Better which can be found both at land-based casinos and online. Two Jacks will earn the minimum payout value while a Royal Flush wins you the jackpot prize; additional prizes can also be won through special combinations like Four of a Kind and Straight Flush combinations.

Casino employees see hundreds of gamblers each week and will usually have an idea which machines are the most popular and where they may be situated. While they may share this knowledge with you, remember that doing so could put their jobs at risk.

One of the easiest ways to predict which poker machine will provide the greatest payout is to keep a close eye on it. Study its performance over time and look for patterns. Also keep an eye out for its volatility; low volatility pokies have more opportunities and tend to pay out frequently, whereas those with high volatility often do only occasionally but when they do so often for significant sums.

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