Is Online Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

is online gambling legal in south carolina

South Carolina residents cannot legally gamble online real money casino games – if they do so they may face fines or even imprisonment. While certain offshore sites advertise that they’re legal to use within South Carolina’s borders, gambling laws in South Carolina don’t leave much room for confusion or discretion when it comes to legality of play.

Though South Carolina lacks land-based casinos, residents may participate in lottery and bingo draws as well as one casino cruise ship that sails into international waters off Myrtle Beach. Gambling remains unpopular; neither horse racing or pari-mutuel betting is supported in South Carolina and it boasts some of the strictest gambling laws nationwide.

South Carolina lawmakers did not pass a bill authorizing social gambling during 2021 legislative sessions, due to opposition from Governor Henry McMaster who strongly opposes any form of regulated gambling he sees as contrary to state values. As this stance remains firm on his mind, any form of regulated gambling in South Carolina seems unlikely in the near future.

South Carolina stands out as an anomaly among states for offering charitable gambling through bingo. Licensed charities can host one prize games that are played for a fee by members of the public, yet South Carolina has not legalized any other forms of social gaming.

Georgia does not feature horse racetracks or pari-mutuel facilities, nor commercial casinos located nearby in North Carolina. Some individuals may attempt to run illegal gambling games from home which could incur fines; additionally if caught doing this illegal gambling you could face prosecution which could include losing your house or other properties.

South Carolina remains undecided in 2024 as to whether to legalize sports gambling, given that two surrounding states already permit such activity and its profits can benefit youth sports and public colleges in South Carolina. There remain, however, several obstacles standing in its way in order for legal sports gambling to come about in South Carolina.

South Carolina may soon adopt more liberal attitudes toward gambling; therefore, regulated online casinos may not become available anytime soon. But for those curious about playing at an online casino in South Carolina, Sweepstakes casinos might offer opportunities.

No matter the state of gambling in South Carolina, anyone experiencing addiction to it can receive help if necessary. Many responsible gambling websites provide tools that will assist in staying in control of gaming habits by setting deposit limits, spending limits and time restrictions for your account as well as helping manage addiction with other resources and tools.

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