How Can I Ban Myself From Online Gambling?

Assuming you are struggling with online gambling addiction, taking steps to curb it may be challenging. While limiting spending and account limits are steps that may help curb it, dopamine stimulation from gambling triggers crave-worthy wins even after small wins; making withdrawal even harder due to advertising from TV, radio and billboards plus social media posts about casinos or gambling sites as well as being around people who already gamble which might tempt you further.

One way to withdraw yourself from online gambling is through self-exclusion – asking your favorite gambling operator(s) to temporarily exclude you for an agreed-upon period. This practice, known as self-exclusion, can be an invaluable aid for people who recognize that their gambling has become problematic. Self-exclusion can be found at most licensed gaming establishments and some iGaming websites in the US and other countries and it can either be performed manually or automatically through multi-operator schemes that make self-excluding multiple websites at once.

Register with your state’s gambling authority and join its self-exclusion program, usually free and done both online and in person. Programs vary by state but typically consist of filling out and having notarized a form with personal details and photos, before mailing it with copies of picture ID to them for processing.

If you are considering self-exclusion, our list of gambling authorities and self-exclusion options by state can help. Each program may differ, so make sure to read any instructions carefully prior to submitting an application – for instance in Pennsylvania self-exclusion must be initiated at an approved gaming establishment and provided notarized photo identification while New Jersey only offers it through their website.

Gambling can be a dangerous vice, particularly for people with addictive tendencies. If gambling has become an issue for you, treatment should be sought from both professionals and support groups – from therapists and counselors to hotlines and support groups – in order to overcome it. Once ready, reaching out to others with similar struggles will provide invaluable support along the path toward recovery as addiction thrives in isolation whereas recovery thrives through connection.

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