What Do Health Care Jobs Pay?

what do health care jobs pay

People entering the healthcare profession typically pursue careers because they want to help others and are passionate about human biology, yet healthcare can also be highly financially rewarding, particularly for higher-ranking positions like physicians and surgeons; such individuals earned above the median annual health care salary in 2021 of $75,040 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As our population ages and demand for health services increases, many are exploring careers in medicine. Before jumping in though, it’s essential that you research how much these jobs pay before making a commitment.

Salaries vary based on role, qualification and location. For example, an urban physician or surgeon likely earns more due to supply and demand; this holds true for other healthcare occupations as well, such as nurses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cardiologists rank as one of the highest-paying healthcare jobs, earning an average annual salary of over $229,300. Cardiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the heart, blood vessels and cardiovascular system.

Public and community health workers are one of the highest-paying healthcare jobs, earning wages that average $53,500 on average annually. They offer various services designed to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent diseases while responding to public health emergencies.

Medical assistants are among the highest-paying healthcare jobs, earning an average annual wage of more than $34,300. Their duties typically include performing administrative and clinical duties under the guidance of doctors or healthcare providers such as taking patient histories, performing physical exams and prescribing medication.

Hospital workers are the fourth-highest paid healthcare jobs with average annual wages averaging $44,600. Hospital workers aid patients at hospitals, private practices and other healthcare facilities by performing tasks such as setting up exam rooms or sterilizing equipment; additionally they may assist patients in daily activities like dressing or bathing.

Occupation Therapists rank fifth on the list of highest-paying healthcare jobs with average annual wages exceeding $56,800. Occupation therapists diagnose and treat various injuries and illnesses while offering instruction in rehabilitative techniques; using various tools and processes such as massage therapy and manual treatments to do this work.

Overall, healthcare jobs offer significantly higher wages than other employment categories. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, average weekly wages for employees in healthcare occupations rose at a slower pace compared with those for other occupations; however, since then they have recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

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