How Much Is My Japanese Slot Machine Worth?

how much is my japanese slot machine worth

Are You Wondering the Value of My Japanese Slot Machine A Japanese pachislo slot machine can make an excellent way to impress friends and family with its bright flashing lights and sounds, and original casino parlor machines from Japan have only two years before needing to be retired from play and replaced.

Pachinko machines resembling vertical pinball games have long been an integral part of Japanese culture. Although gambling is illegal there, compulsive gamblers still sit for hours at seedy pachinko parlors exchanging tokens for prizes like empty plastic boxes or lighters that they take to redemption centers around town to exchange for cash.

Pachinko players in Japan largely circumvent Japan’s anti-gambling laws by means of redemption centers known as keihin. Once run by mafia/yakuza members, police gradually cut their involvement during the 1990s shortly after passing its anti-gambling law.

Authentic Japanese gaming machines are now available in the USA! Ranging in all shapes and sizes – some full-sized while others smaller enough for tabletop use – these machines all boast excellent working condition with original packaging from the factory. Reach out for inventory selection and availability.

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