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Buy online mini sewing machine in Nepal, Mini sewing machine price in Nepal
Mini Sewing Machine Price in Nepal
Mini Sewing Machine is a perfect tool for beginners to learn fast how to sew. Being light weight and portable, it is also an ideal sewing tool in a home where there is not a lot of space. With this revolutionary sewing tool, now you can easily sew your clothes from home. Mini Sewing Machine Price is very cheap in comparison to other sewing machines in market which makes it an ideal sewing tool for students and housewives alike. Carry your machine with you wherever you go. These mini sewing machine come pre-threaded and you can use it instantly. It runs on 4 AA batteries and you can adjust the speed according to your wish through the foot pedal. Slow sewing is best for delicate fabrics. 
If you want to know where can I buy sewing machine in Nepal or how to buy sewing machine? You can stay in your home and go for online shopping by visiting Net Shop Nepal, it’s your shopping and the choice is also yours. You can have your own cheap sewing machine which can be a great helpful so you can order cheap sewing machines for beginners as well as professionals. You might think structurally Sewing Machine is of heavy in size and you cannot pull here and there but what if we promise you to provide best portable sewing machine? You can have sewing machine at your home that will saves your money taken by tailor and also you can try out new creative ideas if you have that machine. We provide latest model automatic as well as manual and electric sewing machine. Buy sewing machine from all top brands like brother and usha. 

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Size: 20x 17.5cm
Box also includes mini sewing machine, bobbins, needle, threader, foot pedal, mains powered adapter and instructions
Stitches: Straight type of stitching
Sewing Machine Type: Multi-Function
It consumes less than one unit in a day
Additional Features: Comes pre-threaded & ready to use
Work continuously for approx. 3 hrs. with 4 AA batteries Presser Feet
Foot pedal for easy control
Durable chain lock stitch 
You can now order the mini sewing machine in low price at Net shop Nepal. Net Shop Nepal is an online store that provides almost every product just by online. Just call us or leave a message to our website. for more information visit our website. You can visit our shop located in balaju, kathmandu For detailed information.
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