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Dolphin Massager 
Dolphin Massager is developed or established to alleviate weary painful muscles, lower back pain, and neck injure. Dolphin Massager comes with compatible heads, permitting deep penetrating the massage. During the massager from Dolphin Massage, it liberates infrared rays so that it could decrease stress, progress in circulation and ease pain. You can buy Dolphin Massager easily in Net Shop Nepal with lightweight and exclusive form. It will help you to reduce the muscle ache and also speed up your fat burning. Dolphin Massager helps you to promote the blood circulation wich is very good for your body. It will buildup the immunity functions. Dolphin Massage Hammer our massage head integrates 3 innovative functions such as infrared ray, magnetic therapy & hammering massage. It is also infrared rays which directly function on the surface of your body, if combined with heating, the massage result will be even apparent. powerful magnetic field can strengthen the functioning of blood vessel & improve metabolism. the massage head is made of hightech engineering plastic enabling more powerful hammering. With a step-less speed adjustment device, you can choose any speed you like.
Features and Benifits
1: Dolphin Massager Accessible with 3 interchangeable heads
2: It is Designed with convenient push off and on button
3: It is very Light in weight and transportable
4: It is alsoTrouble free in using
5: Dolphin Massager is Obtainable with velocity adjust function
6: It is mostly Used to take care of pains in several parts of body
7:  Dolphin Massage is also one of your specialized massager partner

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8: It will aslo helps in rising blood circulation and metabolism
9:  Dolphin Massager also offers reprieve in muscles weariness and ache in the nerves
10: Calm down muscles and care in pains which is caused by external activities
11: Put off tremor in the shoulders and lower back of body
12: Excite nerve ends with rubdown therapy
13: To decrease stress it releases infrared rays
14: Soothing in the pain caused in sprains, lower back pain, neck strain and aching muscles.
Store Information
Net Shop Nepal now provides dolphin massager at a very low or cheap price. Net Shop Nepal is an online store that provides almost each and every products at the wholesale or less price. You can just simply order by calling us or leaving a message in our website. For more imformation about dolphin massager or any other product you can visit our website. For detailed information you can visit our store or shop located in balaju, kathmandu.
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