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Best Pain Relief Oil
There are many pain relief treatment. Some use medicine as some use therapy to relief their pain. Best way to get rid of the pain is by using an ayurvedic oil. Some best relief pain oil, that are available in Nepal are as follows:
1:Sandhisudha Plus:
                                        Sandhi sudha plus oil is an relaible ayurvedic medicine comprising ordinary and important himalayan therapeautic herbs expercts. The herbs have been use for many long times by millions of peoples and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners for effective results. With meticulous selection of various herbs precision manufacturing techniques, it is reducing the severity of pain in back, elbow, shoulder, wrist, and ankles in almost 15 days of use. It helps the joint to regain its strenght while reducing the pain from a dry nonfunctioning joint.
Herbs used in Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil
Many Important and effective herbs are used in sandhi sudha plus oil in order for better results of joints functioning. These are the herbs used in sandhi sudha plus oil.
1: Gawarpatha: It is the herb which provides lubrication to the dry and dead joints bu bringing the smoothness in thier movement.
2: Nirgundi: It is the herb that strenght back in weak nerves and muscles.
3: Akarakara: It provides calcium to the bones by strenghtening them.
Beside these, there are other rare herbs like paan leave, amrit dhara, ajwain flower and matti which provides warmness to the joints.
These herbs helps to break through the layer of skin and external soft tissues to get into the joints aiming to get better from dry and aching joints.
Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil Works in 5 Ways.
1: It is the herbal formulation in the oil that enters through the skin layer to the inner joint on damaged parts or paining side and increases the lubrication between the joints which reduce swell and pain.
2: Sandhui sudha oil brings the functionally of weak nerves and strenghtens the muscles
3: Sandhi sudha oil increases the blood circulation speeding the recovery of weak joints and tissues around the joint.
4: Gives power to the joints which got weak due to deficiency of calcium.
5: Sandhi sudha oil stimulates the synovial membrances for better fluid production by providing natural lubricantion between the joints.
2: Jorni Rakshyak Oil:
                                           Jorni Rakshi Oil is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation which is beneficial for relieving pain in different parts of the body like joints,knees,back,shoulder etc.Jorni Rakshyak Oil is higly prefereb by doctors to old people because they mostly have problems and pain in different parts of the body specially in back, knees, joints etc. This oil is very benificial to the people who are suffering for those problems.

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How Does Jorni Rakshak Work?
Jorni Rakshak Oil works in a scientific way to relieve us from our pain. After the application of these pain relief products in the affected area, it enters inside the outer skin to the joints or the bones. The Jorni Rashak oil helps to increase and pump  the blood circulation in the area and provides lubrication in the joints. It helps the synovial Membrane to produce the Synovial Fluid which gives the smoothness and the stickiness in the joints. Similarly it also helps in treatment of the damaged tissues to make the body muscles stronger. It is proven to increase the blood circulation around the affected area which stimulates speedy recovery. It is especially effective to the aged people because they have more complaints of joint pain.
3: Pain Guard:
                            Pain Guard is the healing formula that has been prepared by using rare herbs from Himalayas. It provide best and fast reliefs from the joint pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, body pain, musular pain etc. Pain Guard is beneficial against cervical spondylosis and lower back pain. It can treat joints that stopped working year back and enable you to work with proper smoothness like before. It has also been found effective against prolapsed or herniated disk. Pain guard helps in stimulation of blood circulation and diminishes severe joints pain. With this pain relief oil, you do not need to worry about muscle cramps, sprains, strains and stiffness anymore. 
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